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Full Version: Non editable field after CSV import
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I just encountered another minor bug.

After importing some songs and metadata with a csv file which had a error I can't edit the page field for the entry of one song on the tablet.

The error was that I had the content of the custom field in the wrong place so it was imported to the page field which normally doesn't allow alpha characters. 
If it's forced to accept alpha characters through the csv it seems to block editing the page field as a whole afterwards. 

I can easily delete the song and import it anew. But blocking the editing probably isn't the behaviour you intended, Mike.
Something similar happened to me.
Go to the "files" tab in the edit page. If the file shown is not green the file needs to be corrected. On the right is  file icon click it then go to the top, select 'files just after com,zubersoft... and select the correct PDF [the base the song came from], click on it to select then ok. You should now have two titles listed, one shows the page range [the old one] of the song and the other shows the range of the base PDF. Be sure to have the correct pages then select the green listing [base PDF[. Enter the correct page range, X the old file and select ok at the top. I think that should get you to where you can edit stuff.
I think I got it all.
Thanks Skip. I know how to fix this (and already did). I just wanted to report the behaviour.
I've got a fix in place for this now. The page order will be defaulted to 1-1 if it's invalid in the CSV.
Swell. Maybe you can add an error warning/error log if there are invalid fields imported and set to 1-1? It would be a help for noticing and correcting such errors.