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Full Version: Move multiple Songs (in Setlist edit window)
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Hallo Mike,

Is it possible to choose and move multiple files in the setlist-edit-window?
When reordering the songs in a setlist, I would like to be able to choose multiple songs (vis ctrl+click for example)
and move them in a different position in the setlist.

I guess, that this possibility raises the question of where the selected songs will be moved to and into which order.

If for example in a setlist consisting of 5 songs 


I choose the pieces A and C and move them after D, the new Song order should be: 


No, it's not possible to move multiple values like that. The list control I'm using in Android is not built for that, and I'm not sure if Microsoft's drag & drop reordering will allow that. I would have to implement an entirely new mechanism to support this. It might be something like, long press to start selection, select each one you want to move, tap a "reorder" button, then tap on the position you want to move the items to. If this is really important to you, I can consider trying to add support for this in the future, but if not, then I'd prefer not to add the extra complexity and work.

The moving of >1 songs at a time is something I miss occasionally. but wouldn't want you to spend an enormous amount of time on this.

(In Windows) I encounter a "mini-crash" occasionally when releasing the song on its new position:
The setlist editor freezes and one has to leave the editor and return to be able to proceed.
The "to-be-moved" song is still on its initial position, a new attempt mostly works.
There seems to be a small "sour spot" that doesn't allow to release the dragged song.

Thanks for including the second title line in the setlist editor, this is a great help for me!