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Full Version: Get list of required mutes from setlist?
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I am looking for a smart way to determine which mute(s) I need for a certain setlist. I am playing in a big band and a sometimes a lot of different mutes are required for a concert (straight, bucket, cup, plunger,...). Is it possible to create metadata, which mute(s) are needed for every song and get a  list of all these mutes contained in a setlist?
It would make things easier to prepare the bag prior to a concert ...
This may work:
1- In the main library click on the over flow [3 vertical dots] and 'Add place holder' titled Mutes . This will create a an entry in the library.
2- Go to the set list, edit, and add Mutes to the songs on the list.
3- Long press Mutes.
4- Click on the overflow and 'View/edit notes.

The mute[s] for each song could be done in custom 1-2, the total for the setlist in the Mutes file.
thanks for the hint, I will check next weekend...

I probably would just use the custom field for the mutes and use the title formatting to show it after the title in the setlist.