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Full Version: Quick Guide Now Available
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For those that are interested, I have posted a light-weight guide for common tasks in MobileSheetsPro here:

I'm hoping this will be an easier to use guide for those getting started that don't want all the extra detail found in the manual. This is just the first version of the guide - I'm open to any feedback and suggestions. I'm going to make this available from inside MobileSheetsPro in a similar fashion to the manual. I'm going to start on video tutorials next in the hopes that this will also aid new users.

Great job!! This will really help new (and even seasoned Smile ) users.

May I kindly suggest to
- make the Quick Guide available on the toolbar, next to the Manual;
- keep the version number synched with MSPro, e.g. something similar to "Version 1.8 rev. 2", or "Revision 2 for MSPro version 1.8."
Yes, I'll definitely add an entry for the quick guide next to manual. I'll also update the document to reflect the version of MobileSheetsPro it was written against.

You're wonderfull. Really!
The feeling is mutual! I always really appreciate the feedback you give.