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Full Version: android 4.4.2 music player stops when bringing MSPro in foreground
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on stage I' m using MSPro with my old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (N-8000) with a rooted Android 4.4.2. Bringing MSPro in the foreground while playing music with the internal sound player or with napster leads to silence, MSPro pauses the playing in the other app. Other apps don't show this behaviour and MSPro doesn't show it on my newer Tablet (Samsung SM-P600) with Android 5.1.1. 
Has anyone a solution for this problem?


If I had to guess, this depends upon whether MobileSheetsPro is being paused by the operating system. On your device running 4.4.2, it sounds like MobileSheetsPro is paused, which stops a lot of things, including the audio player. On the 5.1.1, there are probably enough resources that the OS isn't pausing the app right away. Outside of me adding a new feature where the audio playback isn't paused even if my app is told to pause, I'm not sure if there is anything you can do to prevent this. If I was going to add a feature like that, I would need to research more on how to properly handle it. I think there is a proper way to handle background audio playback that I'm not currently utilizing.