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Full Version: ChordPro versus Text
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When a ChordPro file that has extension ".txt" is imported, [Chords] are still recognized, but {directives} are not. Is this intentional?
Yes, I don't treat text files as chord pro files. I process the two files differently as I have to do more processing to figure out what things are valid chords in a text file and what lines are chord lines versus lyrics. If there was some way to uniquely identify that a text file is actually a chord pro file, I could treat it as such, but the problem is that various parts of my application care about the extension that is used, so unless I renamed the file during import, it could cause issues in my code.
I assume you mean this text format:
      D          G    D
Swing low, sweet chariot,

In the case I have at hand the files are real ChordPro files, there's just some tool (GuitarTapp?) that shares them with extension .txt.

I think you may safely assume a .txt file to contain ChordPro content when it starts with {title...} or {new_song} and then rename it during import.