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Full Version: Print set lists
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I use MSP but the rest of my band does not (shame!). Is there any way, other than screenshots, of printing set lists as pdf files? I know I can send individual songs to the Android print function, but what I'd like is a list of songs in a set that I can distribute by Bluetooth or WiFi or whatever? 


Miles Forman
Long press any song in setlist>click left icon at bottom right to select all of the setlist>share [top of page]>share files> See All> appropriate selection?
Thanks! That worked! But it would be easier if there was a 'setlist to pdf' function!
Is there a way of emailing just the list of songs in a setlist? (the above also attaches each song as a pdf)
If you use Share->Export Files, there is an option to join every song file into one PDF. Hopefully you found that. If you just mean you would like that functionality to be easier to access, adding an explicit "Setlist to PDF" option would only save you a could of taps at best, and requires almost the same workflow, so I'm not sure if it's necessary.

Geoff - Long press the setlist, tap the three dots at the top right and select "Generate Song List".
Thanks Mike, that works ok. I missed that I needed to do the long press on the Setlist screen; I was doing the long press when the Setlist was displayed
Is there a way to create a song list that includes the custom field as displayed in the setlist.
(Maybe use the title format as set in the library display settings)?
If you are using "Generate Song List", you can go to Settings->Library Settings->Generate Song Title Format and control what fields are included. Just add %CUSTOM% to the format value.