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Full Version: sort song list
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I miss a combo box "Order by" in the header toolbar. Found no way to order my songs in the song list by date, category name or other criteria.

I only use the Songs tab and do not want to have other tabs. 

It should be possible to sort songs in the song list by different criteria. A combo box would be perfect for that. Sorting is a basic feature and it seems that it is completely missing.

I see no simple way to zoom into a document. There is no Zoom icon or something similar when I have opened a song.

Return to song after annotating
UPDATE: this works with Android 4.4 - I had the issue with 4.0.4 on a Onyx Boox Max Carta
When I finish handwritten annotations in a doc and click on Close/Cancel, it takes me back to the song list. Please change this. It is extremely annoying to be forced to reopen the song after each annotation.

At the top of the screen in the action bar, there is a "Sort: A-Z" option. When tapped, you will be given a choice of how to sort the songs. Does this not meet your needs, or did you miss it?

Pinch zooming is the only way to zoom, and the zoom values are saved when you do this so that the zoom is zoomed the same amount every time. Zooming requires that the page is re-rendered at a higher resolution, so it's inferior to cropping, which is what I normally tell people to use. I plan on adding options for low quality zooming like what is available in the annotations editor for people who like to zoom in and out a lot.

As I mentioned in your other thread, it should return to viewing the song. I'm not sure why your Onyx Boox Max Carta is going back to the library screen. Please review my answer in the other thread to see if there is a setting on your tablet that isn't saving the activity stack.