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Full Version: Vertical page scroll
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(I seem to recall something like this has been discussed but I cannot find it. Sorry.)

I have MSPro configured to perform a 50% of page scroll when I push the right pedal. I usually have the tablet in portrait orientation so it takes two pedal pushes to get to the next page.

Occasionally, I have a PDF with small print, so I turn the tablet into landscape orientation. The screen shows now around 40% of the page (page scaling mode is set to 'Fit Width'). Pushing the pedal scrolls 50% of the page, so part of the score is skipped.
I checked "Display Half Page in Landscape" but that doesn't seem to affect this.

As I said, I seem to recall we once discussed that the pedal should scroll a screen percentage (not page) and that separate settings for portrait and landscape would be helpful. If so, is this still 'on the list'?
Any progress on this one?
I have not changed the pedal scrolling logic at all. I have only changed the automatic scrolling. While I could change the pedal scrolling logic to more closely mimic the automatic scrolling without too much work, adding separate settings for portrait vs landscape is going to take a little more work, and more UI updates. I can work on this for the next update if it's causing issues for you.
Yes, it is causing issues to me, but not to the extent that I want to rush you into solutions that may turn out to be less optimal than expected.
A good solution may require some thinking. Scrolling by page size is an unfortunate choice, scrolling by screen size is what matters. In portrait mode, MSPro will always display a page so the difference does not matter. In landscape mode the situation is different.

A partial solution (which may as well be called a bug fix) is to change the "Scroll Up or Turn Page if at Top" to obey the half-page turn position? I assume that when you want to scoll to a certain point when you tap the screen, you'll also want to scroll to that point when you push the pedal.
This will solve it for some cases already.

A full solution may involve switching to screen % scrolling, and using different actions depending on what portion of the page is on the screen.
I have changed the behavior so that the pedal now scrolls a percentage of the screen (and added a setting so you can switch it back to % of page if desired). The only exception to this is the single page display in landscape orientation with the half page display. In that case, since the page is doubled in height, I use the page height which is double the height of the screen (this is essentially the same as how the autoscroll works now). For that mode of operation, I think that's more intuitive to use.  I also discovered that some of my calculations with the automatic scrolling were using an incorrect screen size when using the tablet in landscape orientation. This meant you might specify that you wanted to scroll 20% of the screen, but it would instead scroll 20% of the height of the screen in portrait orientation (on my tablet, this meant the scroll was closer to 33% of the screen in landscape orientation). I'm fixing this bug, but I'm really hoping users didn't work around this and I'm now going to mess them up. It's obviously a bug though and I don't want to leave it in place.

As far as I can see it works precisely as expected except for one case: When viewing ChordPro data in portrait mode, with the scroll amount set to 50% screen, the scroll does not seem to take into account whether the navigation bar is hidden. With the navigation bar shown, two scrolls take me to the top of the second page, but with the navigation bar hidden the top of the second page is still a bit (two times the height of the navigation bar, I assume) too low.

Can you reproduce this?
That make sense - the functions I'm using to retrieve the screen size always return the total size - the navigation bar, even if it's hidden.  I will have to handle this differently depending upon whether the navigation bar is hidden or not. Thanks for letting me know.

Fix confirmed. Thanks.