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Full Version: Loosing BT pedal in live performance!
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When I practice at home there is no problem with the connection, but it seems whenever I'm on stage or in studio I loose connection with the AirTurn PED if I don't press it for a couple of minutes.
The only way I found to fix the problem was to reboot the whole computer, because nothing else does it after trying to toggle power of pedal, disabling or re-pairing BT even if it says it is connected (with the MAC address).
Furthermore, I unchecked the option in Device Manager to prevent the computer from turning it off.
Does any other harware fixes the problem (like the AT-104 ), or is trying to change the BT channel is the only way?
I can't find the way to try this...
I have a USB wired backup pedal but it is huge, heavy and noisy... compared to my newer nice looking BT pedal!
I read it might be the cause of interference in the busy and shared frequency used by the Bluetooth protocol?