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Full Version: Batch Import on Tablet inserts space in name
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Just to let you know that the "Import| Batch Import" for all files ("*.*") in the tablet Downloads folder changes the file name e.g.
"Something - U3A.pdf"  results in a listing entry of "Something - U3 A" on the Songs display.

It's not a bug, it's a feature. Please keep it!
Filename and song title are different things and in general independent.
When using the option "Guess Title From Filename" to import local files MSP inserts blanks into filenames that use "camel casing" (see and replaces underscores with blanks. So importing OnTheSunnySideOfTheStreet.pdf or On_The_Sunny_Side_Of_The_Street.pdf creates a song entitled "On The Sunny Side Of The Street".
You might  try "Use Filename as Title" to get what you expect.
Many thanks for pointing me at the "use Filename as Title" option
I seem to remember there is a setting somewhere which means that the actual file name is used. Yes: If you go to the Title line of the import menu there is an option to "Use file name as title"