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Full Version: "Fix File Paths" oddities
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I moved my library to a new path on my tablet and came across some issues with "Fix File Paths" and "Find Missing Files" (which are in general very helpful and work fine)
1.) when the path gets too long the OK button is not visible any more, see screenshot
workaround: I memorized how many clicks on "tab" are required to get to the hidden OK button, tabbed there and clicked OK
2.) after applying "Fix File Paths" a following "Find Missing Files" reports an unchanged number of missing files which is not true.
"Fix File Paths" worked fine, just an update was missing. Closing and reopening MSP is required to reread the database and apply the changed file paths
3.) a possibility to copy/paste an existing path as a starting point for further editing would be helpfull
it's pretty exhausting to type paths likeĀ 
on an on-screen keyboard without any typo
Thanks guys, I'll work on getting those issues fixed.
I've fixed the issue with the OK/Cancel buttons being scrolled off the dialog, the database is now reloaded after the fix operation completes, and I've made the text field for the new path selectable so that you can copy/paste that as the basis for the existing field. Hopefully that is good enough.

Many thanks. It's much better now.
Copy/Paste from the new path field is very helpful.
Restarting MSP is not required any more to see the results of "Fix File Paths". But I still have to leave the Settings window to make the changes take effect. Just switching within the Settings page between "Fix File Paths" and "Find Missing Files" (which is a very logical workflow) is not enough.