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Full Version: Chorus line duplication
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See screenshots.

The chorus on the first page (more precisely: on the page break) is a {start_of_chorus}/{end_of_chorus} section.

The choruses on pages 2 and 3 are {chorus} recalls, note that the 3rd line is duplicated.


Thanks for the bug report and the file - I'll work on getting it fixed.

I'm having absolutely no luck reproducing this. I set up my file so it looks just like yours (the chorus is split after the second line), yet I don't see the duplicated line in the following chorus like you do. I can't figure out why we would be seeing different behavior with this...

Ok, I'll keep an eye onto it maybe I can find out more.
I have some more songs that show the erroneous behaviour so it has probably to do with my combination of settings.
I can send you a backup (msb) so you can load my exact settings and database.
That would be great, thanks.
I don't see this problem anymore with the latest version, so it may have been fixed already...
Thanks for checking.