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Full Version: comment_box (ChordPro) not proper
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I'm a new user of MobileSheets and has the Android and the Windows version.
What I discovered is that the command {commend_box:text} function proper in Android version but not in Windows (see attached picture). The box not cover the whole text.
Would be very nice if that could be solved in the future because I like to seperate verse and chorus with this comment boxes.
Thank you
I'll see if I can reproduce the problem. Are you using the latest Windows 10 version? I just want to verify.

Thanks for checking.
I'm using MobileSheets 1.9.5 and have updated my Windows 10 to Version 1703 (x64) today.
It shows the same thing with the command --> {comment_box:Verse1}
A single character typo caused this - it's fixed now and will be included with the update today.