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Full Version: Chord diagrams for ChordPro
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Great to hear that.
Could you please consider implementing more features from ChordPro 5 that are currently not yet supported.

What I miss most is start_of_grid / end_of_grid
Yes, I'll see what I can do.
Inability to display chord shapes in Chordpro has been an issue for me for some time. Ideally they would need to appear in a footer or a side panel.

I have just looked at the Github link relating to chord grids - That would be a brilliant Chordpro addition. We have lots of songs with Intros, outros and Instrumental breaks. The grid facility would be ideal for these.

Much neater than my current methods, as either :-

[C] //// ////  [F] //// [C] //// each slash being a beat 


[C] x4 [C] x4 [F] x4  [C] X4
Have i miss the update?
Is there a release date?
No, you haven't missed it. I'm behind schedule on things due to having to spend a lot of time on customer support and trying to track down issues users have reported.

Let me add my voice to this request. This feature would definitely help me out! Chord grids, too, yes! Big Grin
FWIW - if you use ChordPro format and/or PDF's:
I also vote for having chord diagrams showing up. I don't need grids, but showing specified chords would be highly desirable for me.

I certainly know how to generate PDF out of chordpros, but, that's not how I use MS. I play in different setups and need to transpose songs on the spot...

Thanx in davance,
I'm adding my vote to this request - I just purchased Mobile Sheets pro on android and after discovering the flexibility of the ChordPro format would love to see MobileSheets support the defining and rendering of chord diagrams.
It's definitely very high on my list of things to do. I'm still working through the annotations redesign, and then I want to finish the iOS conversion, but then I think chord diagrams (and a few other chord pro enhancements) will be up next as I've gotten a lot of requests for it.


I would like to add my vote on that, too. As a year has been since the last mention, I hope it's a slight reminder that the need is still there Wink

I don't see chord pro chord diagrams on the bug tracker anymore - has it been added?
No, I haven't removed anything from the bug tracker related to that. I may not have created an issue to track it. It's part of several modifications that are needed for chord pro files. I have not completed the work for this yet.

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