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Full Version: [Windows 10] Integration with "Share" context menus in other apps i.e. Edge
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I've been using the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets for a while and am quite happy. I do find that the workflow for importing new songs takes quite a few clicks, though. I import a lot of free PDFs from the web, and the import process usually goes like this: find file, save file to desktop, open MobileSheets, click "Import," select "Standard File Picker," navigate to the given PDF file. What would work great is if you could open a PDF file in Microsoft Edge, click the "Share" button and have MobileSheets appear as an app the PDF file can be shared (imported) to. And aside from MS Edge, it seems like the presence of MobileSheets in the system-wide Share context menu might be useful. Is this something that might be possible down the road?

I did set up the application to be associated with certain file types (pdf, img, text, chord pro, etc), but I believe there is more I have to do to be recognized as a share target for files. I will work on adding that.

I've added the necessary code to be registered as a share target now.

This doesn't seem to work perfectly. I can't share from Edge to MS any local PDF file. I can share other "regular" URLs, PDFs from different internet websites but not PDF from any folder on my PC or my NAS connected as network drive. In short - if URL starts with file:/// and not http(s):// PDF can't be shared. Does anyone else experience the same problem?

Anyway, I really like this feature when looking for PDFs on web, it really saves time to load individual PDF to MS.
Thanks so much for adding this! Major improvement to my collection-building workflow. I just checked sharing local PDF files and, as NeoCZ pointed out, the option isn't there. But it seems to be working fine for online files.
I was only testing with online files. I'll have to see why local files aren't working. 

Just a quick note, local files are still not working in 1.9.8. How does it look with adding suport of it? This is not a big deal but it would be a nice feature. I have a large local library of PDF files and I need to view and add few of them from time to time to MS and since I use Edge as my PDF viewer, sharing seems to be a very fast way to load them into MS.
I just forgot to look into this - I apologize. I'll work on adding it for the next update.


Fixed in v1.9.9. For the best experience, make sure MobileSheets is running in the background first, otherwise Windows 10 will open MobileSheets in a small window (which is the default behavior for sharing - I used a trick to force it to use the existing running process if possible).
Can confirm local files work in 1.9.9, great.