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Full Version: External SD card confusion
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When trying to perform a backup to the external SD card, MSPro shows a "Please select the root directory of the removable SD card" dialog, showing the steps that are required.

At that point I'm totally confused. I have no idea what to do. Do I need to background MSPro and start an external utility?
If I tap OK then I get an "Open from" screen that is completely different from what MSPro showed.
That's odd that you are seeing a different file picker... maybe Google has updated it from the one I took the screenshots of. I don't have a device running 7.0+ with a removable SD card, so that's very possible. 

So the reason you have to do that is the Android OS won't grant my app access to the removable SD card unless you explicitly choose the root of the SD card using Google's file picker. I can then save access to that folder and all subdirectories for future use. So when you tap OK, you will see what file picker Google displays. You then need to navigate to the root of the SD card, and tap ok to choose that directory. You should then be able back up to any folder on the SD card. Be aware that writes to the SD card will be slower than normal as I have to go through Google's API to have access. This doesn't apply to the Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files folder.

If you struggle to find the SD card in that file picker, let me know.

Okay, so it is the file picker that pops up after hitting OK. This file picker looks as follows on my Asus Zenpad:


There is a "Show SD card" under the menu:


When I check this, I'm left with the empty screen with "No items". I need to go back to the original view "recent", wich now includes the SD card. Now I can select it, and everything seems to work.

Thanks for helping me out!
I'm happy to find that my Samsung A320 behaves pretty much the way like MSPro describes.