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Full Version: Bluetooth page switch
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i got a cheap bluetooth controller. It has a gaming and a keyboard mode.
In Gaming mode i have the 4 buttons A, X, B, Y and they seem to work.
I set up A to go to previous page and B to go to next page.
While pressing A does the expected switch, pressing B does not go to the next page.
It maybe goes down half a page.
As long as the controller is connected to the tablet also the next page function by tapping the right part of the screen is broken.
What am i doing wrong? Any suggestions?
I just found this topic while i was looking around some more.

It just seems to fit my problem. I did a test with 100% page scroll and now pressing the button makes the page switch working as expected.
"Next Page" should always go to next page and not scroll down the set up percent value.
After this i tested a percentage of 50% and now the "Next Page" Option still works correct. Maybe this field needs to be edited once?

An other issue i have is, that if i scrolled down the page, the button for "Last Page" has no affect any more, while "Next Page" still works.
Knowing what controller you are using might be helpful...