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Full Version: Go to previous page vs jump to beginning of previous piece
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Hallo guys,
I have created a setlist and I'm playing the pieces one after the other.
When I beginn a new piece, I sometimes want to jump to the previous page (so I mean to the last page of the previous piece).
I have set my "Pedal 2" (Pageup) to Activate Previous Link or Go to Previous Page.
In this situation though, when pressing the pedal, it jumps to the beginning (the first page) of the previous piece.
I'm almost sure, there was a setting that can be changed for this matter. I just cannot remember where it is...
Thanks for the help!
So I just tested this out, and I can't reproduce what you are seeing. When you are attempting to go from the first page of one song back to the last page of the previous song, is it possible the pedal press is activating the previous link point which is returning you to the first page of that song?