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Full Version: ChordPro file issues
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I've just started to use ChordPro files and noticed some rendering issues. 

First is related to use on Windows 10 Mobile. Using (I think) default text-files settings part of first page is still visible on second page. It looks like it's on lines that are shorter on second page if compared to first one (see attached screenshots)

Second can be seen on regular Windows 10. If you set font size to really large value (52 for chords and text) rendering is really weird, see other set of screenshots (2-4).

Also if I try to share .chopro files from Edge to MobileSheets, it just opens the app without loading anything.
I've fixed the issue with sharing from Edge, so that will work with version 1.9.8.  As for the other issues, I can't reproduce what you are seeing on my Surface Pro 4 or my PC. Are you running v1.9.7?  I just loaded a setlist with a bunch of chord pro files and set the text size for all of them to 52, then paged through them. They all looked fine...

Yes, I'm using latest version - 1.9.7. Attached is .chopro file (zipped) that I used to show you this behaviour. If you need, I can send you my backup or LocalState folder with my settings.

EDIT: added screen of my text settings for .chopro files..
Thank you - providing the file was the key to reproducing the issue. The error was only seen if the file contained several lines of chords in a row with no lyrics and the lines were long enough to cause the chords to be wrapped.  

thanks, rendering issues are gone, will try sharing .chopro files later today.

EDIT: Sharing also works, thanks again, Mike.