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Full Version: database problem
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I have created a backup file using the companion from my WIN10 surface pro.
This file is called xxx.msb.

After that, I copied this msb-file using an usb stick to my colleagues android tablets.
Restoring this file on android tablets does work. All songs are listed correct in the library.

But if we open one of the songs we get:
"Die Datei c:\users\xxx\mobilesheets\files\..Name existiert nicht"

It seems as if restoring from an WIN-10 msb-file to android (using the delet existing files option) does not modify the path.
I did test this recently, and didn't encounter any problems. If you would like me to test with the backup file you've generated, I'd be happy to do that. It's possible the file is missing from the backup entirely - that would explain why the path wasn't updated. 

Are you including settings with the backup, or not?

I just tested this multiple times and encountered no problems. If you want to share the backup file with me, I'll be happy to test it, otherwise I'm not sure how to reproduce it.

I guess this is similiar to the problems I have occasionally. Check the misbehaving song on the surface pro. Is there an explicit path associated with the missing file - full path displayed  in edit -> files tab? Maybe this is fixed now, but in some situations MS did not import the file but rather reference it in the original import location. Those files were not included in the backup
Hello Mike,
the msb-File is 3,3 GB. This is too much for mailing.

I just tried again:
  • Sync SurfacePro to PC (via Companian)
  • Backup Library (#no backup audio files, #no backup settings)
  • copy msb-file to android tablet (SD-card)

  • Start Mobilesheets on Android tablet
  • #Settings #Other Settings #Clear Library #Delete All Songs Files...
  • #Settings #Backup and Restore 'Restore Library from Backup
       # check: Delete all existig
       # uncheck: restore Settings,
       # MobileSheets Storage Location
       # Select msb-file

  • all files listed
  • no access to any file
    "File c:\users.... does not sxist."
Any chance you can upload the file to Dropbox or Google Drive to share with me? I wasn't testing using the companion app before, so I can certainly give that a shot. You could also try not using the companion app and see if you encounter the same problem.

Hi Mike,

did you find anything in my file?
I meanwhile found out, that restoring stops at about 90% of the files (I currently don't know why).
But after that, none of the songs can be opened in mobilesheets, but they are at the correct location (explorer).

It seems to me, as if all file paths are changed after successfull restoring of all files. So if there is one error during restoring, no path ist changed to the current location.

Is this possible?
I successfully restored your backup file with no problems using the companion application. I then verified I could load songs without encountering errors. I went to Find Missing Files, and there are 150 missing files reported. They all appear to be mp3 files. Would you expect to see those missing?

If your restore fails to complete, then the database will not be updated and the file paths will be wrong. So you definitely need to finish the restore without it failing. 

Thank you for testing!
The mp3-files are missing because I stored the backup without audio to reduce the file size.
I thought, the database would know if the backup-option "no audio" is used.

But the real reason of the problems seem to be that something stops the restore process just before finish.
Maybe there is not enough memory. I don't know.
This only happens on two tablets using Android 5.1.1.

Is there a possibility to force an database update, even if there is an error?
Currently nearly all songs are on the tablet, but we can't open any of them!
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