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Full Version: CSV import more than 1 pdf file at a time?
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It is possible to import more than one pdf file at a given time using the csv import feature?
It would then be necessary to give the name of each individual pdf files in the csv itself.

In this case, I want to import many small books (Hal Leonard Play Along Books) of about 10 songs each, but in 3 different keys.
I have all the information ready in an excel sheet and will use that to generate CSVs.
It would be easier to generate just one CSV and import in one shot if this is possible.

If it doesn't work that way, that's OK, I'll just generate one CSV per book and import them one at a time.

No, it doesn't work that way yet.

But I suggested that feature some time ago and Mike is going to implement it when he gets to it.
Thanks BRX.

It will likely be too late for me in this case, but that's good to know anyways.
It was worth asking; it could have saved me a lot of time.

Hi Madoues

late call maybe,  but would you eventually care to share your csv on these Hal Leonard play alongs?

Thanx Hugo