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Full Version: Different set of annotations for each sheet in setlist
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I try to explain what I need (maybe is it already possible but I don't know how to achieve this)

Before each gigs we decide who will solo in each tune we play. This change quite each time we have gigs, so I put annotation on each sheet to remember the order we decided.

What I'd like to have is, for each tune in a setlist, a corresponding annotation set. The idea is to attach annotations to each sheet in a setlist. This way a tune would have a different set of annotations, depending of the setlist in which it is included.

Is there a way to do this ?

I hope I explained correctly my need...

Thanks for your help
If you first add some songs (tunes) to a setlist, and then while in the setlist, open a song and go to the annotation editor, you will see at the top of the setlist editor window that by default you are working on annotations specific to that setlist for this song.

That same song on another setlist, will have different setlist related annotations there.

I think this behaviour is what you are after ??

Apart from the setlist related annotations, there also are song related annotations, independent of setlist ...

hope this helps

That's quite I'm looking for...

Actually, the behavior is OK but I have a problem this way : it's works with comments, displayed some (configurable) time or until I click on it, in the center of the tune. What I need is this beeing permanently displayed somewhere on the sheet (depending on empty spaces) until we go to the next tune. I understand that your solution is for comment, not annotation or I'm mis-interpreting what you explained (sorry in that case), or I am confused with terminology (comment vs annotation).

Anyway, it's some kind of solution to my problem but if we had the same behavior with annotations, it would be really perfect.

Thanks for your help Rudy.
(11-25-2017, 10:10 PM)fazer666 Wrote: [ -> ]. I understand that your solution is for comment, not annotation or I'm mis-interpreting what you explained (sorry in that case), or I am confused with terminology (comment vs annotation).

Oops ...
You are absolutely right!
What I was describing was for song notes, not annotations.

My mistake ! ....

As far as I know this (setlist dependent) behaviour does not exist for annotations

If you import the song again, perhaps giving it a slightly different name, you should be able to annotate each copy separately. Would this work?
Well probably, as a workaround but not very efficient because each tune may be several times in the database (so in the lists) and it would be difficult to find which name corresponds to which soloists order...

Thanks anyway.
What you are requesting is a feature that is going to be added three major updates from now (after the new sync features and the annotations rework). I'm calling this feature "Song versioning" where each song can have multiple versions where each version can have different annotations, link points, bookmarks, files, etc. When you add a song to a setlist, you will be able to choose which version to use in that setlist. This is obviously going to require major changes to the database and UI for all three applications (MobileSheets on Android/Windows 10 and the companion app). 

Hi Mike,

Excellent, I'm really looking forward this feature. It will be very useful (and I understand it needs big changes in Mobilesheets).

I stay tuned.
I was going to write too that Mike's intended versioning might be what you are looking for. :-)

Until then you might use the setlist notes as suitable workaround, especially if you are aware that since one of the last updates you can
assign a touch action to display the setlist notes. You don't have the notes shown always but you can invoke them with a touch for a quick look
which wasn't possible before (and of course display them at the start of the song as before).

This should help quite a bit for your temporary solo orders until the versioning is available.
Thanks for the suggestion, I will use this as workaround meanwhile.
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