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Full Version: Songlist Size Limit
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I tried to create a complete list of my library with "Generate Song List"
To do so I selected all songs on the "Songs" tab and created a setlist. 1150 songs, not small but not extraordinarily huge. Then I selected this setlist, called "Generate Song List" and selected "Jota Text Editor" as destination. When the output string per song is too large, it fails. In that case there's a short flicker of the screen and nothing happens.
It seems to be really a matter of size:
With "Generate Song List Format" set to
it works as expected (the generated file AlleSongs_2017-12-01_Test12.txt is less than 130 kB), with
it fails.
Various combinations of library fields and separators show the same behaviour.
It's an Android issue, it works fine on Win10.

Btw: there's a small glitch in the German translation: on the settings dialog "Generate Song List Format" it should be "Titel der Gruppe anzeigen", "Gruppe" with an upper case 'G', both Adroid and Win10
Thanks - I'll look into this. I'll also fix the translation.

This appears to be a limitation with Android. You can't share data that is greater than about 512 KB in size between applications. So what I'm going to do is modify the code so that if the generated text is greater than about 500 KB in size, I will write out the data to a file instead, and share that file with the other app.  One thing that should be noted is that not every app can handle being passed a file through an intent. I found that I could not share a file with Jota Text Editor - it shows up as an option, but when I send it the file, it does not load it.  Your experience may vary, as I tested on a rooted tablet running Android 7.1.

Writing to a textfile and asking the user for path and filename would be even better than passing the data to an app. I would appreciate having that as an additional option. Please allow at least .txt and .csv as file extension or (better) allow specifying any extension.

Displaying an error message when the text is too large  would be better than just doing nothing.

Passing the data to Jota works for me on Android 4.4. By now I did not manage to make Jota the default app. I have to select it every time again from the list of apps. When I do so the data are passed correctly. And I have to take care that Jota shows an empty window. When an existing file is opened in Jota, the text that is passed from MSP is appended after the end of the existing text (this might be the desired behaviour).
Sorry, I did not read your post thoroughly. You wrote "... I could not share a file with Jota Text Editor ...".
I never tried that, I just used the exisiting functionality that passes the data.
I'll change the generate song list action so that it pops up another list of options. For now, the two options will be "Save to file" or "Share".  With save to file, it will use the file browser so you can pick the folder and enter the filename. I will allow any file extension. 

There is no longer a reason for me to generate an error message when the text is too large, as it will use a file instead of just text if it's too large. Also, the error wasn't being generated in my app - it seemed to be generated in Jota as far as I could tell by looking at logcat messages.