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Full Version: Remember the backup folder
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A very useful enhancement for starting a backup manually: 
MSP should remember the folder that was used for the last backup. 
The default backup filename is fine as it is. 
But the path when starting a backup defaults to the last folder that has been used anywhere in MSP, so it is very often the folder where I import my song files from (or where I stored the last export file or whatever). Backup files usually are stored somewhere else. I assume I'm not the only user who stores backups always in the same folder.
If the path for backups would be stored independently that would eleminate navigating through the file system and simplify making a backup to only a few clicks.
Great idea, itsme, this would be really useful, so I also vote for this.
This was added with version 2.0.2 (just released). Thanks for the suggestion.

It's not listed under changes for Win10 version, but can confirm it's also working on my Win10 devices, thanks for adding this, small but nice feature.
I actually didn't change anything for Windows 10, as the local file selection doesn't let me pick an initial directory (I'll never understand why Microsoft didn't allow that).  I didn't think about Dropbox or Google Drive though - those probably aren't being saved independently like Android, so I may have to fix that.

Ok, it's strange because I don't remember that it worked in previous versions but now I see different folder when doing backups and different if I want to add new files to library. And I am not using Dropbox or Google Drive.