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Full Version: Touch and Pedal Settings "BACK"
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Just been trying out Pedal Settings with a mac mouse (with a view to doctoring a bluetooth mouse to make a page turner - I've read other threads)

The mouse click (it only has one) was auto detected by MSP as "BACK".
While this worked fine paging through collection, I then found I couldn't get back to the library screen (BACK obviously equated to the tablet back function).

A moment of panic until I remembered that one could get to settings via the song editing mechanism; this allowed me to restore "Pedal 3" to blank.

Might be a good idea to warn the user that this might cause problems when they select BACK as one of the keys.


You can also get back to the library screen by tapping the arrow at the top left corner of the song overlay, but yes, you are right that I should warn about that.


Thanks for your reply.

I always thought it was strange that there didn't seem an easy way to get back to the library screen; now I know what that arrow does! (and I thought I'd explored the program thoroughly).

Best wishes for the New Year and thanks for developing such a great program.