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Full Version: Link points
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When I switch via the footpedal to a second link-point, the programm switches to the end of the first link-point and a second footpedal command is needed to go to the second link-point. This problem occurs since the last update to version 2.0.4.
The programmed pedal command is: Go to next link-point.

Go to next link point (which is "Activate Next Link" in the list of pedal actions) actually means activate the next link point in my list of link points (including end link points). So it will basically jump to each start and end link point with each pedal press.  Is that the pedal action you really want, or are you actually wanting "Actiavte Next Link or Go to Next Page"?

Activate next link is what I need.
What happens is: I have a link-list with two items, link red with a light dot (A) and a dark dot (B), and link blue with a light dot © and a dark dot (D). All on the same page.
In my case: first pedal action it jumps to B, second pedal ation it jumps to C, third pedal acion it jumps to D. I expected: first pedal action jump to B and second pedal action jump to D. Maybe attachment helps.


Add: The action "Activate Next Link" and "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page" give indeed a differet result. The by You indicated command "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page" has the action I was  looking for. The first command is :Go to next link point and the second is: Go to the next link line in the list. For me it was a mis-interpretatoin.