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Full Version: Three songs created, indexed, for one medley sheet. How?
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Can anyone advise how best to make 3 or 4 different "songs" all sharing one pdf file please? I have medleys of folk tunes and want to have each of the tunes indexed. 
Thanks,   Hugh
I should add that I prefer to import the pdf into Mobile Sheets rather than have songs pointing to an externally held file, which I used to do.    Hugh
Import the file as the first song.
Copy the song in MSP:
   long press (Android) or right click (Win10) it
   check the checkbox at the left
   click "Copy Song" in the menu
the song editor is opened and refers to the same file(s)
set the title
select the part of the file that you want to use for the new song:
   set "Page Order" on the "Files" tab
   crop unwanted parts
repeat if required

Any combination and sequence of pages from the file is possible, you can even repeat pages or change the page sequence

It works in the same way on Android and Win10, no matter if "Let MobileSheets Manage My Files" is set or not.
MSP takes care not to delete the file in case it is still used by another song.
Thanks very much, itsme.   Have been away and unable to try it till now.... but it works, and it's simple.

For my purposes, it's even fewer steps than you described..... 

The entire medley of 3 tunes on a sheet is first imported, and I give it a title that lists all the tune names in the medley. Then I make a copy of the song, as you described, and, when editing it, I remove the title of the first tune, so that now the second tune title is indexed.  Then another copy, and edit its title to leave only the title of the third tune.

I am assuming that I haven't actually taken up more storage, and that the same file is stored in MSPro but with three different titles....
If you go to the "Files" tab of the song editor and long press (Android) or right click (Win10) the file entry MSP shows the path of the file. I'm sure all songs of your medley are using the same file.
Your storage usage has grown, but not by 2 or three times the size of your PDF file but only by the few bytes that are required for the three titles and some links and references, maybe a few hundred bytes. 
It helps to be aware that songs and files are different things in MSP. It is possible that multiple songs use the same file or a song can be
composed of several files.
Thanks for all your advice, itsme.  Today I have given 20 songs or so about 3-5 new titles each. There has been no proliferation of pdfs, since they share them, as you rightly said. 

And tonight's back-up, with up to 100 new songs created is very similar in size to last night's. 

I can't say how many bytes the extra song-titles took up, because I was simultaneously able to delete quite a few "place marker" songs with one blank sheet as the file, and titles like "Golden Slippers,  see Chinese Breakdown". 

It's very good to be able to directly look up the tunes that were not indexed till now, without having to go through those extra steps. Also without having to recall which indexed medley they belonged in.

You can easily create a reference list with "Generate Song List" if you add the file path in "Generate Song List Format"