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Full Version: Metronome 6/8 subdivision
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If I want 8th note = 150bpm, then I'd expect the following settings to work:

time signature: 6/8
tempo: 150
subdivisions: 8ths

However, what I get is something much faster than 150 clicks per minute.

In MobileSheets, if I want 150 clicks per minute in 6, I need to do something with 6/4 time, or something weird with 6/8 at 75bpm.

Is this the intended behavior?

Thanks!  I'm really enjoying the program.
At the moment, changing the time signature to 6/8 incorrectly doubles the metronome speed. I'm going to fix this in an update soon.


UPDATE: I have a fix in place for this. Changing the second part of the time signature will no longer impact the metronome timing, but it will change the options available in the beat subdivision dropdown.