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Full Version: transfer mobilesheets.db (no sheet files) by companion from one tablet to enother
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I would like to transfer only the mobilesheets.db file from my Android tablet to the Windows tablet or another android tablet and otherwise (using the companion), without using backup/restore because this takes too much time!

If I copy the mobilesheets.db from using a file manager, all paths are wrong!
Manual copying of mobilesheets.db requires that the file paths on both devices are identical.
Identical paths are NOT possible if you copy from an Android device to a Win10 device.

You have to adapt mobilesheets.db before copying.
You can do that with from Sciurius' excellent MSPro Tools
See my post from 2017-12-28 in

Theoretically Companion could be able to do such modifications by specifying a list of used folders.
See my post from 2017-12-31 in the thread above.
> I would like to transfer only the mobilesheets.db file from my Android tablet to the Windows tablet or another android tablet and otherwise

That's in the top of my request list for quite a while already.

It was so simple to share the same db before the google nonsense with the different names for SD cards. And sharing with W10 is even more complicated.

But I'm hoping for Mike's updates since he already said that he will be adding syncing and also relative paths for the db so it should be much more easier (hopefully for W10 too) to "sync" the database only.

Indeed I rarely change the sheets themselves or add new ones but only add some data in the db. So the backup of the complete sheets doesn't make much sense for me since it takes too much time and space.
(01-16-2018, 02:14 AM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]... You can do that with from Sciurius' excellent MSPro Tools
See my post from 2017-12-28 in ...

Sorry, but this is too complex for me. May be I am too old for this but I don't know how to handle this tools.

My idea was, that I connect tablet one with the companion and could save only the mobilesheet.db on the hard disk.
The companion should us a paramter PATH="folder ..." where the files are located on the connected tablet.

Then I disconnect the first tablet and connect the second tab (f.e. surface) with the companion. The parameter PATH should now be read from the second tablet (current connection). If I further select write mobilesheets.db (from Harddisk to current connction) the new PATH parameter should be used.

This seems pretty easy to me because currently everey time I do any change using the companion, it tells me that the database mobilesheets.db has been updated. And I can restore any msb-file to any tablet (Android or WIN), but only including all files. Most times there are no file changes, but additional notes, annotations, resize operations, setlist changes,...
So why should I backup and restore always all 4GB?
It doesn't matter if the companion app knows what storage location is used on the device (it does know this already in fact). What matters is the location of the files specified in the database itself. If you just transfer the Android database file to Windows, every file path is going to be listed based on what was used on the Android device. Every one of those paths will be invalid on Windows. Using paths that are relative to the storage location (along with a flag which specifies whether the path is relative or absolute) should fix this problem for most users, but users who like to use a combination of folders, especially those outside the storage location parent folder, are still going to run into problems. I could certainly add a feature to the companion app that is similar to the "Fix Broken File Paths" option in the Android version so that you can replace paths in the database with a different path if desired, but that will only work well if you structure your files/folders in such a way that they all have the same base path (which is true if you let MobileSheets manage your files). 

I don't know how other people use mobilesheets. I always let mobilesheets manage the files.
I need a solution to manage sever tablets with different OS for several bands.

Currently we are going back to real paper sheets, because this is easier to manage than mobilesheets databases. (Sorry).
Hopefully the sync features in the next major update will help alleviate the difficulties you are experiencing so you can go back to using MobileSheetsPro.