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Full Version: Copy and paste a group of annotations?
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Hi Mike, 

Thanks for creating MobileSheetsPro and providing this wonderful resource for users and being so responsive to requests :-) I have been using it on and off for some years, but in the last six months have been using it almost daily and love it. 

I am wondering whether there is any way to select a number of annotations and copy them as a group to paste elsewhere in the same score. I am a classical pianist - often there are passages in a piece which are identical and so the same fingering and information is relevant in more than one place. The layout is often not identical in the repeated notation, so I can't just copy the page and paste it elsewhere in the score.

Because I add my annotations a little at a time as I work on a piece, and I use a mix of typing and hand writing, they are all separate little annotations. Copying and pasting each of these annotations one at a time would take just as long as actually writing them all in one at a time. It would be fabulous to select a group of annotations for several bars/measures and then copy them to the new place. I may have to adjust the individual annotations in the new place, if the page layout is not quite identical, so I wouldn't want to lock the annotations into an unchangeable group. 

I have searched through a number of threads on editing but I haven't found info on anything quite like this. 

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Hello Bee,

At the moment, it's not possible to copy/paste multiple annotations at once because I didn't provide a mechanism to initiate the copy when multiple annotations are selected. The long press will deselect all but one. I'll have to add a new icon to trigger this and update the paste code to handle multiple annotations instead of just one.  If getting this in the short term would be a huge help to you, I can try to slip it into an update sooner, otherwise I will include it with the annotations rework which will be released after the library synchronization update.

Thanks Mike, 

It would be a great advantage to me to have this ability, however, I am content to wait for it to come when you are ready. 

Thank you for being so responsive to user requests :-)