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Full Version: More Display Modes for larger screens users PLEASE!
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I have been using MobileSheets almost exclusively in Vertical Scrolling Portrait Mode for almost 2 years now, since I found it was the only mode to meet my needs in size and page turn convenience :
I can see a nearly 100% full page (on my 17,3") plus a bit of the next one before I pedal to top it up again... works great in concerts etc!
Unfortunatly that mode isn't great when I need to edit stuff, because I need to zoom the page in order to write details into the music from my double-bass stool... that's where the Landscape Mode becomes interesting :
I can use Single Page in full width for no need to zoom, with Global Settings to display and turn Half-Pages... I still need to hover manually sometimes, but generally works great!
The problem then is I have to physically turn my laptop back in Portrait Mode after editing since there is no existing modes to fit either Double-Page Vertical Scrolling, or Dual /Half Page turns!
I have been thinking a lot and for a while to find a mixture of existing modes, with no success, so if anyone has some please share!
I also made suggestions to Mike, but I would have to find more backup in the community first!
Since those needs are more specific to larger screen users, except for the very rare Android based Samsung View (18", only in Landscape Mode), I refer to the Windows based version of MobileSheet users!