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Full Version: Unable to delete songs from a set list in edit mode
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Using MobileSheets 2.0.5 for Windows, I seem unable to delete songs from set lists in edit mode. The delete buttons (circle with an X) are unresponsive. I've tried using a mouse, my finger, and a stylus.

My workaround is to delete files from the "primary" set list screen (where "Load All" is shown on top)... Right click or long press song, select, then "Remove", but this is an inconvenience.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

I'm observing this on a Surface Pro 4.
Something with the new reorder arrows must have broken that. I will get a fix out for this immediately.

Looking forward to the fix. Thanks. 

Not sure I will use them frequently, but I like the option of having the reorder arrows.
Version 2.0.7 was released yesterday. You should be able to download it off the Microsoft Store.

Got the fix. Thanks!