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Full Version: 2.0.5 Two finger tap to close zoom also triggers other functions
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The two finger tap, to close the new zooming in the two page display, also triggers other functions that are configured to react to the two finger tap.

So in my case, after zooming in, the two finger tap closes the zooming AND also launches the annotations editor for that page. Which at that time I do not want.


This actually only happens when the two finger tap is assigned to "Annotate Song". Any other action won't be triggered. This is because there is some specific logic when the two finger tap is assigned to "Annotate Song" that wasn't correctly modified to account for the new zooming feature. I'm going to put a fix in place for the next update, but if you would like an early build with that fix, let me know.


Not necessary to put the fix in an early build.
I will manage fine.
Thanks for offering though !!

Looks like this issue is still present under 2.0.8

I recently also noticed when zooming in on a one page song in landscape mode, the next song in the setlist starts appearing to the right ... 
This is not new under 2.0.8, just had not noticed it yet when I started this thread.


It looks like I fixed it on Windows 10, but somehow that fix didn't make it over to Android. Sorry about that. As for the zooming issue, thanks for letting me know - I'll look into fixing that too.

Fixed in 2.0.9

Thanks !