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Full Version: Can you have a collection of setlists?
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I tried this and it did not seem to work but I didn't spend much time experimenting. Can you have any of these:

- Setlists of setlists?
- Collections of setlists?
- Setlists of collections?
No, nested groups are not supported. I may allow a group of setlists in the future, but it would be limited to a depth of 1 (i.e. you can't have setlists include other setlists, this would be just a single list of setlists). I do not want to allow nested groups because that requires supporting an infinite depth. It would greatly complicate the UI for, in my opinion, little benefit.  It would also cause the database tables to become a nightmare and this could have significant negative consequences for users with large libraries. 

I could imagine it would be useful to apply some sort of category to a set list. So you could have set lists for, for example, different bands and filter the list of set lists based on which band you want.