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Full Version: Characters missing in default app font?
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I'm testing out a Samsung Galaxy Book 12 (Windows 10) to replace my Android tablet. 
I'm exporting a .csv file to split a book and now I see a symbol of a diamond with a question mark in it anywhere there is an é, í, ó, á, and a few other various symbols. I suspect this is an issue with the fonts installed on this tablet, but I cannot confirm. Does anybody know what the app's default font is for all the menus and libraries or if there is a way to change it? The font seems to look a little different than what was on my Android device. I'm hoping a clean install of a font will fix the issue.
It appears that I am able to type these characters manually, but somewhere in the CSV import they are all breaking. This includes all accents and diacritics.  This was not an issue in the Android version - same CSV file was used for importing.
Can you please send the csv file to so I can test it?

Just sent google drive links with the csv and PDF. It's a very large book.
I have a bug fix in place now. The code to properly detect the encoding of the document was failing due to some technical issues with Microsoft's library that I won't bore you with. I'm working on another update with bug fixes, so I'll include this fix with that. Thanks for the help with tracking down the issue.

Thanks, Mike! I appreciate all the work you do. You are probably one of the most responsive developers out there!