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Full Version: Reordering set lists
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I'm not sure why, but I'm having a lot of trouble making the switch to Android to Windows when I'm trying to reorder a set list. In the Android version, there was a little box on the left of each title that you simply drag up and down to reorder. In the Windows version, it looks like if I do a long press, it highlights that song and sometimes lets me drag it around, and sometimes it crashes the app. I can't determine the proper procedure to move them around without having to restart the app several times. Is there any reason this is different than the Android version?
I do see an option on the upper right menu (3 dots) for "Show/Hide Reorder Arrows". I thought this might be what I'm looking for, but I do not see anything happening when I toggle it.
You can only reorder a list if the sort order is set to manual. You shouldn't be able to drag & drop if the sort order isn't manual. The reorder arrows are only visible if the sort order is manual as well. I did add both the reorder arrows and the ability to click/tap on the number next to an entry to assign a new position to make it so that you don't have to rely on drag & drop if it's acting up.  I did just test reordering with various sort orders and could not reproduce a crash.

I can confirm I have it on manual, but there are no arrows present no matter how I toggle the switch for them. I've attempted in both portrait and landscape orientation as well as in tablet and desktop modes, both with and without my keyboard attached. No luck on seeing any arrows. I'm no longer reproducing a crash and it seems to be behaving as designed now, aside from no arrows. Maybe a reboot was all I needed to fix that crash issue.
I really can't explain why the arrows aren't showing up for you. Are there any other areas of the application where it seems like icons are missing on your device?

None that I've noticed. Any thoughts on my other thread from 2/11? It's really bothering me as well. I've got a 14 day return policy on this tablet that will end next week, so I'm trying to work out all my quirks up front.
As soon as I get that csv file from you, I'll test it out.