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Full Version: Select All/None control
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A minor point but I always find the design of this control confusing.

To me, pressing the empty rectangle should clear all the selected items and pressing the rectangle with a cross should select them all (ideally, the cross should be replaced by a tick mark).

I don't know how this corresponds to the use of this type of function in other applications (perhaps this is the "standard" on a tablet?).

Also, I suppose changing it might confuse others who have grown used to doing it the "wrong way" around


Those were standard icons I pulled from Google's collection I believe. The selection icon with a giant "X" in it means clear all. I would think the "X" would be pretty intuitive, as an "X" anywhere in the application means remove. I guess another design could be used for the select all icon, but it would be easiest if I could find an existing icon instead of having to design my own.

Thanks for the reply; I'll just keep pushing the buttons until I get the correct one!