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Full Version: Link to file not working
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I usually insert a link into my PDFs that point to the original MuseScore .MSCZ file. The .MSCZ is stored in the same directory as the .PDF. This allows opening the song in MuseScore quickly in case transposing is required.
These links do not work in MSP for Win10, see screenshots.
Please note that the reported paths in the 2 screenshots look different.
Both cases are working fine in MSP for Android and in the PDF reader "PDF X-Change Viewer".
Thanks, I'll try to create some PDFs with links to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Fixed for v2.1.0.

Hello, I just purchased the W10 app after several years of use of the app with my Android tablet, having in mind to organize my pdf on the laptop ; I have also several music files, not Musescore, but Harmony Assistant and Finale, which I'd like to organize better too (mostly they go with an existing pdf). Thank you for the idea of creating a pdf with a link to another file!
I wondered if there were a simpler way to do this directly in MobileSheets - to have access to other type of music files than mp3, chorpro and midi.
Thanks anyway,
The only way would be to use a smart button to load the external file. Let me know if you need information on this.

Great! It works perfectly! thanks a lot
If you want to use the same library on both Win10 and Android, the PDF and the linked file must be stored in the same directory. I found no other possibility so far, the file systems are too different. If you are sure that you will stay on Windows do as you like.
Thank you for the information, I will keep it in mind