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Full Version: ChordPro Multiple Column Formatting
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Within the past few weeks, I've noticed a major problem with ChordPro files.  If they are rendered with multiple columns, the text overlaps.  Also, sometimes the second column is not fully displayed.  Sometimes it's just a nuisance, but in many cases, it is completely unusable.

Attached are sample screenshots and ChordPro files.  I have many more examples and they used to render correctly.

This is on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 running Android 7.0.
I have a bug fix in place for this as a number of users contacted me about it over the last several days. I'm just putting together everything for the next update which I plan to release tomorrow if nothing unexpected pops up.

I've verified this is resolved in the latest version.  Thanks!
Thanks for letting me know! Sorry it took longer than expected for the update.