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Full Version: "Generate Song List" only works for Setlists
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"Generate Song List" works fine if it is called from the Setlists tab.
From all other tabs that also have "Generate Song List" (some tabs do not offer it) it fails in a confusing way.
The attached PDF shows the sequence of windows that are displayed in detail.
Tested on MSP 2.0.9 on Android but the issue existed before. Not checked on Win10 yet.
Thanks, I'll look into it.

It's only partly fixed in 2.1.1 on Android.
The selection Share / Save as File is shown now. "Share" works fine. "Save as File" doesn't open a file selection window.

On Win10 it seems to work but none of the "Share" options is helpful for me.

What can be selected when I choose "Share" seems to be some kind of internal OS magic, correct? Can you give any hints how to modify what shows up?
On Win10 I would like to add several programs, on Android I feel the need to clean-up and remove a lot of nonsense there.
I completely missed that - thanks for letting me know. I have a fix in place now. 

As far as how the share menu is populated, I send out a something called an intent which basically asks the OS which applications can handle opening the file format I'm providing. Any application that is installed and registered on the tablet as being able to handle that file type will show up. Applications that you select most often as a target will show up at the top of the list. Unfortunately, you don't have any control over what applications are shown in this list. If you don't want something to show up, you would have to uninstall it.

It works in a somewhat similar fashion in Windows, and you should be able to choose the option to add apps from the store. Unfortunately, only apps that are registered to handle the specific file type will show up in that list. I don't know if non-store apps will show up as an option (I don't have control over this).

That's what I expected: that it's not your choice how the "share" app list is populated.
On Android it is just overloaded with useless apps that makes it inconvenient to find and select the one I want to use. Not nice, but it works.
On Win10 this mechanism makes the "Share" function completely useless by now. On one of my computers there's only OneNote, which I don't use. One the other computer there's OneNote, the Win10 buit-in e-mail program  that I also don't use and have not set-up and Oxford Dictionary that doesn't make sense in that context. None of the programs that I'd like to use: Notepad, Notepad++, Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Winword, LibreOffice Writer, Thunderbird...
None of the apps offered by the store look promising to me.
Would you be so kind to give me some keywords to search for in the internet, like the mentioned  'intent' for Android? Hopefully I can google some hints what I can do, maybe a way to "register" apps somehow to handle text files.
Thanks in advance.
Looks like this might help:

Unfortunately, it may still be the case that only Windows Store Apps show up in the list...