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Full Version: update eliminated the underscore character?
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I have some files that are labeled "_Reception Set" and "_Ceremony Set" etc.

I ran the update for Mobile Sheets Pro, then I was importing the new charts and noticed when I imported, those charts weren't sorted with the underscore in the name. They would usually be listed at the very TOP of my songs list, but now they're being sorted by the first alphabetic character.

In my settings, none of my "ignore certain characters" are enabled. I have not changed any of my preferences.

Is new a new feature? If so, how do I change it so I can have my charts with an underscore listed at the top of my songs list/tab?
You'll have to change the "Title" setting on the Import Settings dialog from "Guess Title From Filename" to "Use Filename As Title" if you don't want MobileSheetsPro to format your song titles.

thank you