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Full Version: Drive download quota exceeded?
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While preparing my backup tablet for a major gig tomorrow, I made a backup of my production tablet to google drive.

When restoring this backup from the google drive to the backup tablet I consistently get "download quota exceeded for this file".

I assume this is not MSPro's fault, but what is going on?
I definitely do not want this to happen is I need a restore during a gig...
I don't believe that is a MobileSheetsPro problem, but I'm also struggling to find clear answers about the issue on the internet. I see conflicting answers from people. Do you have a lot of files on Google Drive in the same folder containing the backup file? Perhaps the queries that MobileSheetsPro is performing are causing some kind of limit to be hit...

Don't use google drive myself but a quick google search produces 196 hits including How to Fix Google Drive Download Limit.
(not quite the same as you are probably the only user of your file).

I understand the fix is to make a copy of the affected file and download that instead of the original.

Yes, I read a number of those messages. All very unsatisfactory.
I had no problem downloading the same file using a browser. Or with the Drive app on the same device.
So there may be something special in the way MSPro queries the Drive.

I'm off to the gig now, I leave everything in place in case there are things to try tomorrow.