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Full Version: MobileSheets v4.0.11 and MobileSheets Companion v1.4.6
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v4.0.11 is now ready and available for download. This update is mainly for bug fixes and to prevent some issues that have plagued certain users for awhile now (corrupted databases and installs). I have also addressed bug reports from other users. I will resume work on the next big update, which I may call v5.0.0 due to the significant changes to the application. As I get closer to release, I will post more information about beta testing. See the update notes below:

MobileSheets v4.0.11
- Fixed bug where some users get corrupted resources. If PDFs can't render, the required resource will be downloaded from the internet
- Added automatic database backups. If database is corrupted or lost, an option is presented to load a backup.
- Added support for USB mouse clicks. Left click goes one page forward, right click one page back (can be swapped in the options)
- Start of song/end of song popups no longer stay up with repeated taps/pedal presses
- Fixed bug with the setlist overlay window not correctly saving changes to setlists made on the fly
- Annotations text box white fill color now correctly fills white instead of green
- Fixed bug with default source type 'Lead Sheet' not working
- Fixed issue with freeform drawing in landscape mode not showing up correctly until the press was released
- Help dialogs no longer reappear if the back button is used to close them
- Fixed issues with the transfer of audio tracks from the companion app
- Bluetooth options can now be changed regardless of whether bluetooth is enabled on the device
- Fixed issue with the first page of songs sometimes not resizing correctly when switching orientations

MobileSheets Companion v1.4.5
- The 'Copy Song' feature now points the copy to the same files as the original song.
- Bookmarks no longer disappear when they are edited. Bookmarks are also now properly added to new songs.
- Transferring audio tracks to default location or removable storage now works as intended
- Added New Menu Option to Enable Logging to help with diagnosing companion connectivity problems

As always, thanks everyone for your support and patience.

Unfortunately after updating to the latest version above, I can't sync the database from MobileSheetsCompanion to MobileSheets. I get a nasty Windows error message from MobileSheets Companion when it start to sync with my tablet:

Error Encountered while sending data to tablet:
System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a closed file.
at System.IO-_Error.FileNotOpen()
at System.IO.FileSystem.get_Length()
at MobileSyeetsCompanion.SocketConnector.SendDatabase (TaskProgress progress).

The progress bar on MSC stops midway and I have to restart the app. Everthing was working fine this morning before these updates. I updated both MS and MSC, rebooted, still not working.
I'm getting similar error messages and companion crashes in W7. This happens when I tried to delete some songs, then import new versions and add them to an existing setlist. At no point did an operation complete cleanlySad
I see the problem now. I'll put out a fix ASAP for the companion.
I pushed out version 1.4.7 with a fix. I made a change late last night while trying to add more diagnostic logging in case people kept running into connection problems. Ironically, that created this nasty bug. Sorry about that!
Thanks! The update fixed it. Now our world is back in order. Big Grin

The only thing better than MobileSheets is the support that comes with it!
I still can't connect to the companion. The closest I've come is to attempt a manual connect where the tablet says something like "Connection established, sending acknowledgement." and that's where it hangs. Any thoughts on this?
seems to have fixed it for me. Also changing order of songs in setlists by dragging seems to work better with the Companion running on XP. Is this just wishful thinking on my part or have you done something wrt XP operation?
I don't recall changing anything that would have affected XP.