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Full Version: Strich BT-FP2 (Boston version)
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This pedal funcions and is used both with Samsung TAB-a and MS Surface Book.
Only a question:
When the footswich is not operated over a certain (short) time the unit goes in sleep-mode.
When a new command has to be send, the footswitch has to be operated two times. The fist to re-activate and the second time to send the command.

Is there a possibility to overcome the switching to the sleep-mode?

I use the pedalfunction scrol up/down for scrolling, and the padalfunction page up/down for scrolling down and jump to next link When programmed. Manual selection on the footswich is no problem for me.
Timing out and going to sleep is the biggest nuisance of a number of pedals. It was one of the reasons for me to trade in the FireFly for an AirTurn. However, the BT-FP2 should be based on the Coda BT2, and this pedal has a timeout of 25 minutes which should be acceptable.
So the answer lies in the documentation, and if neccessary contact Strich support.