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Full Version: Editing and scrolling a setlist
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While I created and edited a setlist from my collection (and I have to mention again what a big improvement and how much more comfortable it is now with the changed searching with the letter bar and ability to put in numbers directly for sorting) and wanted to sort by putting in the number, I noticed you can't scroll the left and right list to the end if is longer and the keyboard has popped up. 

It should be possible to visibly scroll the lists (at least the left one) to the end inspite of the keyboard on screen. As it is now the keyboard covers the last part of the lists and you have to close the keyboard to select an entry and open it again to put in the number.
I'm not sure I completely have control over this, but I'll see if there is anything I can do. I may have to add special handlers to watch for a keyboard, and when that occurs, reduce the available height for the other components by the height of the keyboard (I do this in the text editor for text/chord pro files, for example).