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Full Version: Pedal action issue
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With settings for right pedal set to "go to next page or loop to start of song", for the LAST song in a setlist, it advances me to the start of the setlist instead of back to the start of the song. I also have ''prevent pedal from changing songs" checked as well as "repeat mode"
I'll look into this - thanks.

I just tested this with my own setlist in the Windows 10 version, and it did not loop me back to the start of the setlist. It just looped me back to the start of the song. How many pages is the last song in your setlist?

The particular setlist I noticed this on had 2 pages in the last song, I believe. Can't verify that until tonight.
I just reproduced the problem using the two page display mode. Is that what you are using? It also appears to happen with the vertical scrolling display mode.

I have a bug fix in place for this now for all display modes.

Hallo guys!

I have a similar problem concerning the link points on the first song of a setlist.
When loading a setlist, the link points on the first song work the first time, but do not "refresh" when restarting the song.
 When for example I rehearse with the orchester and have to restart the first setlist-song, I have to return to the main menu and reload the setlist, so that the link points work again.

I added a "test-page" as a first song of the setlist and the link points of the now 2nd song work as expected.

Do you also encounter the same problem?
I think what you will want to do is use the "Reset Next Link Point" touch or pedal action to reset your link points. This would prevent the need to go back to the library screen and reload the setlist. Otherwise the link points won't be reset unless you have repeat mode enabled and you advance past the very end of the setlist, or you use the pedal action that loops to the start of the song.

Hallo Mike and thanks for the respond!

I'm not sure how to use the "reset next link point" effectively.

I use the airturn duo to go to next/previous page and to the next/previous link.
When playing any piece in my setlist (except the first one), I can "retrigger" the links by simple using the left pedal to go to previous link. 
With the first piece however, after playing it once through, the links do not retrigger when I restart it. (I use the left pedal to turn the pages back to the start).

By the way: When inserting links, I programm them in such in a way, so that I only have to use the right pedal (go to next page/next link), regardless if the next link is on a next page or on a previous page of the piece. 

Thank you very much for your time!
I'm going to need a copy of the setlist you are testing with, because I just tested that and it worked fine for me. For example, I have a 13 page PDF as the first song of my setlist. I added link points to jump from page 1 to page 4, page 6 to page 8, and page 9 to page 13. I have set up my pedal actions to use "Activate Previous Link or Go to Previous Page" and "Activate Next Link or Go to Next Page". If I start on page one of the first song and press the pedal, I jump to page 4, then page 5, then 6, then 8, then 9, then 13. If I press the other pedal to go back, it goes from 13 to 9, then 8, then 6, then 5, then 4, then 1. If I now press the pedal to go forward, it goes back to page 4. This means the link point functionality is working fine even after going back to the start of the song like you described. So if it's not working for you, I'll need a specific example to test with.

Sorry I lost track of this thread. Yes, in portrait mode I use vertical scrolling and in landscape I use 2 page