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Full Version: BeatBuddy
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Hello I am trying to send a preset tempo to my beatbuddy from MS...I need to send it in the form a combined MSB/LSB on CC 106/107. I can not figure out how to achieve this.

I have been able to successfully sent drum pattern changes but cannot seem to send bpm changes ??
I'm a little confused about the terminology here. When talking about MSB/LSB, typically those are used for patch select commands. In fact, you can even use a patch select command in MobileSheets but deselect the sending of the program change command if you want to just send an MSB + LSB message.  If you are just trying to send one or two control change messages with certain values, that's very different. Do you have documentation I can look at for your beatbuddy describing what it is expecting?

I figured it out, and will post a video/walk through of how I have achieved everything I was trying to do.