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Full Version: Additing metadatga
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As soon as I can buy a Samsung 18.4 inch tablet in Australia I will bet loading it with a very large number of songs and I want to insert metadata for all of them   It would be much easier for me to add the metadata on my Windows 10 PC before loading the tablet.   What is the easiest way of doing this?
If you want to set up your entire library before the Samsung device arrives, you'll have to purchase the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets, and then you can set up your entire library on your PC. Then to transfer the library to your Samsung device, you can create a library backup (Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library), transfer that .msb file to the Samsung, then restore that library backup file.

If you want to set up your library on your PC after the Samsung device arrives, you can use the companion app ( to connect to MobileSheetsPro running on the Samsung, and then import files and add metadata on your PC.

Mike tends to forget he provided us with a very comfortable way to import with a csv file you can prepare on your PC. Read up in the forum for it.
That is certainly one way of accomplishing the same goal, but then you need to have one CSV per file you are going to import and that only works for PDFs. You also can't batch import the CSV files, so you'd have to import each one, one by one, as I don't support importing multiple PDFs at once from one CSV file (that's a future goal). In both cases, you have to enter the same amount of metadata (although the CSV technically requires as little more work), but at least with my suggested approach, your library is done once you've imported the files and entered the metadata, whereas with the CSV, you still have to go through the whole process of importing once you have your device.