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Full Version: ID string feature
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UnrealBook has a feature where the Master (e.g working with C charts) can pull up Bb or Eb sheets on the slave tablets as long as the PDFs have the same ID number.
The lead sheets name will physically say a different name, but they have the same ID number programed into them.
Many bands use this feature with UnrealBook, & its incredibly useful when you need to bring up band arrangements and you're working with brass sections..

Does anyone know if Mobilesheets has or is working on this feature?
MobileSheets does not have that capability at the moment, but it has been requested and will be added when I can find the time. I believe the suggestion was to allow matching on an existing field such as Custom (where you could enter the ID), or to add an explicit new field for the song identifier.

I'm not very well versed in how Unrealbook made it work, though i could find out from an arranger i work with who writes out thousands of lead sheets for it..
I only know that its an very useful feature that can save a ton of headaches.

What you write there looks to be the same or a similar idea.

Now we'll pray you find the timeSmile I look forward to it